Rush Messenger Service

Rush Messenger Service West Palm Beach

Our most popular service, Asset Courier Florida will pick up and deliver your shipment quickly. Our messenger service is recognized as fast and dependable. Typical rush messenger service is completed in 2-3 hours. This service is available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4 PM. 

Specialized Messenger and Courier Services

Asset Courier Florida has extensive experience in time sensitive deliveries.  We offer specialized messenger and courier services for the world’s most demanding marketplace.   Being available and being there is what we do best.  We are open 24/7 365 days a year.   Asset Courier Florida is client centered and we use the most cost effective solutions and up to date solutions to fit your personal and business needs. We maintain a high quality of standard of professionalism from the minute you place your order to completion of your delivery. 

Professional Courier Service West Palm Beach

Asset Courier Florida is committed to handling all routes with a schedule that meets your need throughout the South Florida area in the most professional way.  Our clients include banks, hospitals, pharmacies, payroll companies, printers, law firms, ad agencies and more.  

We use advanced technology to provide efficient, hassle free service to our customers. We are constantly looking for innovative methods in creating delivery solutions for companies who want hassle free and cost effective rates.

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